Sarah's TV Profile

I did my first TV broadcast over 15 years ago. In the last few years I’ve been interviewed as a personal finance and consumer expert, either as a live studio guest or on pre-recorded reports. Previously, I was a freelance consumer and personal finance reporter for BBC1’s Saturday Breakfast programme.

I am used to the challenges of bringing personal finance to life for television and I have a depth of knowledge and an ability to make money matters interesting and relevant.

I have been used as a personal finance expert on BBC1’s Rip Off Britain for five years, and was one of the experts on BBC1’s Right on the Money. I’ve also appeared as an expert in an ITV Tonight programme on pensions.

I have:

  • An ability to comment on money matters in an informed, lively and engaging style;
  • A track record of explaining complex issues in a clear and relevant way; and
  • Experience of delivering both short soundbites and contributing to long form location or studio-based programmes;

You can see examples of my media appearances, including TV appearances, on SavvyWoman’s press & media page

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